Thursday, August 18, 2011

Romney: I’m Totally “In Sync” With The Tea Party…

BERLIN, New Hampshire (Reuters) — Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, seen by many as the choice of moderate Republicans in 2012, sought to widen his appeal on Wednesday by saying he was “in sync” with the conservative Tea Party.
Romney met with a group of about 25 steelworkers at a campaign stop in the northern New Hampshire town of Berlin.
The former corporate raider, who has a net worth of about $250 million, got a less rapt reception than at some of his meetings with fellow business professionals.
The workers peppered Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, with questions about why cutting government spending would stimulate the economy, how he would adequately protect Social Security and whether he considered himself a member of the Tea Party.
Romney hedged on the latter question.
“I don’t know that you sign a membership,” he said. “What I consider myself is someone who is in sync with the Tea Party.”
Many Tea Party members don’t see themselves as “in sync” with Romney, however. In Massachusetts he helped author the statewide healthcare mandate that was an inspiration for President Barack Obama’s 2010 national health reforms
Obamacare and Romneycare, as they are derisively referred too, are disliked by the Tea Party as an example of government overreach. Romney has defended the state law while promising to repeal the federal version, should he be elected.

          Sure fuck nuts, keep grasping at anything to raise those poll numbers

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