Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Chick-Fil-A Blues"

A little sunday demotivation

The Wings of Freedom Tour - Nine O Nine

                                                                   The "front office"

                                                                     Pilot's view left

                                                                  Copilot's view right

                                           Flight engineer's view aft from the top turret

                                                               Top turret view right

                                                                Top turret view left

Top turret view forward

                                         Radio operator's compartment forward left side

                                                              Radio Operator's chair

                                                                      Aft left side

                                                                     Aft right side

                                                               Forward right side

                                             Bomb bay forward of the radio compartment

                                                    Radio operator's view right window

                                                      Radio operator's view left window

                                                                       Top view aft

                                                                  Top view forward

                                                     Ball turret aft of radio compartment

                                                                    Right waist gun

                                                                     Left waist gun

                                                         Tail gun behind all that clutter

                                                                  Auxiliary generator