Thursday, August 18, 2011

The famous story goes like this : In 1912,the German Kaiser, knowing of the fearsome reputation of the Swiss for marksmanship and of the forbidding terrain of Switzerland, and knowing that the Swiss militia was then composed of a quarter of a million men, asked what the Swiss would do if the Germans invaded Switzerland with half a million men. A Swiss replied, no doubt completely deadpan: "shoot twice and go home." The Kaiser did not invade, nor did Adolf Hitler during WWII. Smart choices.
"Si vis pacem, parabellum:" If you desire peace, prepare for war. The Swiss have always understood this, and their martial tradition—and their fortunate terrain—has stood them in good stead . Even today, Swiss militiamen keep their fully automatic military  rifles—real assault rifles, not the fake "assault weapons" invented  by American gun banners—in their homes and frequent shooting competitions, attended by and participated in by entire families occur all over the nation.
There is a lesson in that, I think, for all who wish to remain free. Mr. Obama and his sycophants in the BATFE, DEA, FBI, DHS, DOJ, Department of State and likely other agencies understand it all too well and are always, always working with their non-governmental allies in and out of America to strip Americans  of their Second Amendment freedoms. Gunwalker is only one very clumsy, illegal and idiotic manifestation of the realization of the Left that only through citizen disarmament can they ever truly control the American public.

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