Thursday, August 18, 2011

Christine O’Donnell walks out on Piers Morgan

Christine O’Donnell walked out of an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan Wednesday evening after he pressed the former Delaware Senate candidate on her views on gay marriage.

“You’re borderline being a bit rude,” O’Donnell said during the interview, which was released before Morgan’s 9 p.m. show aired. “I obviously want to talk about the issue that I choose to talk about in the book.”

O’Donnell was on the show to promote her new book, “Troublemaker," and the interview began amicably if uncomfortably after Morgan caught O'Donnell giving the Sign of the Cross as she sat down for the segment, to which Morgan joked that he expected some “devil worshiping" instead, a reference to O'Donnell's infamous "I am not a witch" advertisement that aired during her 2010 campaign. Still, the two discussed her thoughts on the missteps made during that campaign, as well as her views on the tea party and the debt ceiling, without issue.

But the back-and-forth began to sour when Morgan latched onto the topic of sex and asked if she still supported abstinence before marriage and whether she still believed masturbation constituted "lust in your heart." She then questioned if Morgan was the “pro-masturbation talk show host” and began referring questions to her book, and explaining her answers could be found in "Troublemaker."

That's when Morgan pressed O’Donnell on her position on gay marriage, and he seemed to have a difficult time keeping a straight face as she repeatedly deflected his questions on the issue.

Morgan asked O’Donnell about her position on gay marriage no fewer than seven times, though her deflections appeared only to invigorate him.

“Why are you being so weird about this?” he asked.

“I’m not being weird about this Piers. I’m not running for office, I’m not promoting a legislative agenda. I’m promoting the policies that I lay out in the book that are mostly fiscal that are mostly constitutional. That’s why I agreed to come on your show. That’s what I want to talk about. I’m not being weird you’re being a little rude,” said O’Donnell, who though smiling throughout the interview, also looked pained at times.

“I think I’m rather being charming and respectful,” Morgan rebutted.

O’Donnell said she should be able to dictate the topic of discussion, but Morgan disagreed. She then looked off camera and said, “yeah, OK, I’m being pulled away. We turned down another interview for this.”

“Where are you going? You’re leaving?” Morgan asked, almost breaking into laughter but holding himself to a single chuckle. “It would appear that the interview has just been ended. Because I had the audacity to ask questions based on stuff that’s in this book. Anyway, it’s a good book, it’s called ‘Troublemaker.’ I think we know now why it’s called ‘Troublemaker.’”

After he aired the full interview during "Piers Morgan Live," Morgan invited O'Donnell to his Thursday night broadcast to discuss why she walked off his show. Though he promised he "won’t be remotely rude" if she agrees to come back on his show, O'Donnell may not be having it. She sent out a message about 9 p.m. that alluded to his alleged connections with the U.K. phone hacking scandal, which he has denied  forcefully.

"I only agreed to go on the Piers Morgan Show because he promised not to hack my cell phone," she

tweeted no liberal has ever stormed out of an interview before, every time I have
seen this happen the liberal was given every chance to voice his or her "talking points"
but could not take the burden of supporting them.

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