Saturday, September 3, 2011

In the short four years Obama and his cronies have made major accomplishments like the work for life society. Here's how this goes.

Life in a Nut-Shell

How much of life is really yours?

A typical 24 hour day, 261 days a year schedule for most commuters

• W ake up at 4:00 AM to be at work by 6:30 AM -- 2.5 hours
• W ork for the company from 6:30 AM until 3:30 PM -- 9 hours
• Commute home 3:30 PM until 5:00 PM -- 1.5 hours
• Time for yourself, if you don’t have children 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM -- 4 hours
• Sleep from 9:00 PM until 4:00 AM -- 7 hours

I’ve just spent 24 hours of my day doing routine survival requirements. Did you see anything in this schedule that could be construed as enjoyable or considered a life of fun or pleasure?

In reality the average person has two days a week to have a life, a grand total of 104 days a year, and if they spend Saturday mowing the grass or doing chores they’ve just cut their life by another 52 days; leaving them only one day a week to have fun if they don’t go to church. This means for those of us who actually live to age 72 we’ll get ~

3,744 days out of the 22,536 we have on this earth to do as we wish. It also means we’ll spend 15% of our time on earth to do as we wish and 85% of our life doing what is absolutely necessity to survive of which many of those days aren’t necessarily enjoyable.

Let me introduced to the new “work for life” society so many of you from 2008 to 2012 agreed upon when you denounced, out of jealousy, anyone who had a defined pension program. Your only hope now is that you earn enough money between age 20 to 65 to save $1.5 M in your 401k so you can live off the dividends received from a conservative return of 2% from the stock market, if it doesn’t take a dump, bringing your life savings to zero dollars by the flip of a switch controlled by wall-street cronies.

Do you have that warm and fuzzy feeling yet?

To make your goal almost impossible to obtain you’ll have to pay ~ 33% or more of your income in taxes to support social programs you as a working class citizen will never live long enough to receive, while millions of parasites from all over the world, mostly illegal’s, are flocking to America to take full advantage of the free ride you children are not entitled to; all paid for with tax donations.

Have you figured out yet, it’s not about you?

Do you now understand why the government refuses to close all points of entry into this country, refuses to deport all criminal illegal aliens from around the world, or even requires allegiance to the flag, or for that matter requires them to speak English an then turns around and gives illegal’s student aid at the tax payer’s expense while your children can’t qualify? They need a bigger tax base to assure their dominance.

The pursuit of happiness and prosperity is not about you. It's about how stupid and codependent the government can make you so you too get on the dole. The logic behind this well-orchestrated ploy is this? The more people the government can get on the dole, the more votes acquired for the Socialist Democratic Party; allowing their empire to expand and rule with full control of your livelihood.

Of course you must understand I have always been objectionable to this from of control, but unfortunately control was relinquished to the “party” on a silver platter by those who’ve raised two generations of children who were taught money grows on trees, had their asses kissed all during their childhood and somehow were assured the government owed them a life of luxury simply because they were hatched, all free, and at no cost to them.

Opps, I’ve forgot to mention something very important most people overlook. Most of you only look at your state and federal taxes when asked what your tax bracket is, but you’ve forgotten to consider all the other taxes you pay buried deep in everything you eat, drink, drive, reside, and in almost every necessity of life. i.e. ( gas, water, food, electricity ) If you’d just take the time to total up all the taxes you pay you’ll see where almost 50% of your earned income is gone long before you have a chance to pay your bills. Still smiling? And you thought your life served no purpose.

So I’ll ask you one question. Do you like working for 50 cents on the dollar while the bureaucrat’s and socialist pigs at all levels of this nation holler for more tax, more tax, more taxes? If you don’t, what are you going to do about it, wimps!

United States of America
Socialist Democratic Party

We appreciate your business and life-long tax donations. Now get to work you fools!


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