Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Palestinian President Abbas To Obama: “You Promised Me a State By September 2011 — I Hope You Will Deliver”‬…

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said on Monday he is willing to meet Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu while the two are in New York.
Abbas, already in New York preparing to make his statehood bid to the United Nations on Friday, made the comments in an exclusive interview with Fox News, during which he said he has not given up on negotiations with Israel.
“I will meet any Israeli official any time,” said Abbas, “but there is no use if there is nothing tangible.”
The PA Chairman also explained his insistence on going to the UN to ask for recognition of a Palestinian state, saying he felt the route of negotiations with Israel had been exhausted.
“I felt there is no way for negotiations because the American administration including President Obama exhausted their efforts to bring Netanyahu to the negotiating table,” said Abbas. “They couldn’t convince him to cease the settlement activities.”
Abbas also had a message for Obama in the interview: “You promised me a state by September 2011. I hope you will deliver.”

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