Tuesday, September 20, 2011

House GOP plays Solyndra for all it's worth

Politico House Republicans have hit the jackpot with the Solyndra mess.

President Barack Obama’s Capitol Hill opponents, who have waited for a scandal that would get traction outside Washington, aren’t wasting the opportunity by resorting to calls for impeachment or raging about socialism and “death panels.”

Instead, they’re letting the facts about Solyndra speak for themselves with well-timed leaks and high-profile hearings on the $535 million federal loan guarantee to the California solar company that declared bankruptcy last month. The FBI raid of Solyndra’s headquarters earlier this month helped, too.
Solyndra didn’t just drop into the Republicans’ laps, however. The GOP-led House Energy and Commerce Committee spent several months battling the Obama administration over access to tens of thousands of pages of internal documents related to the loan guarantee.

This crook has sashayed light years over the line, Solyndra is just the latest proof that
this pack of thieves could care less what sees the light of day.

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