Saturday, March 10, 2012

Detroit man dead in condom rage incident

WWJ’s Beth Fisher spoke to an employee at the BP gas station on Fenkell and Meyers, where the shooting took place on the city’s westside overnight. The employee said the argument was apparently over the price of a box of condoms.
He said the customer bought a box of condoms, but made a comment that he was overcharged and could have bought them somewhere else for a cheaper price. After being told he couldn’t get a refund, the customer allegedly began tossing items off the shelves. That’s when, according to the employee, the overnight clerk came out with a gun and fired a warning shot, which struck the customer in the shoulder.
Police say the customer was taken to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries.

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Obama weighs in on this in 3...2...1...


  1. DAMN! I think maybe the Customer Service department might want to relax the policy just a wee bit!
    Either that or put a large neon sign out front,
    "Ask For a Refund and I'll Fucking KILL You!"

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