Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chris Rock Attacks Camera After Tea Party Question

Just as classy as a fluff girl at a Tijuana donkey show...


  1. Upon being asked why he hit a female camera operator in the face,Chris say,
    Yo, you gotsta know when ta slap dem hoes an bitches down, keep 'em in dey place, like my blud, Bobby Brown be say; you know, wimmen be dum bitches an' if dey ain't suckin' mah dick, den dey ain' wuth nuthin to me, yo? Even as a chile, my Daddy done showed me, cause like, my own Momma didn't want ta let me do her until he slapped her down an' held her. So after dat, I just say, yo, Momma, do yo duty, bitch, and she hit de flo. Das why Hollywood look up to me, dey know I gots da four-one-one on female relatiomaships, yo!