Friday, December 14, 2018

I've actually had to crawl my silly ass in
ones just like these.... 


  1. So you really are a Boiler Doc?!
    I bet you have seen some interesting shit in your day.
    I briefly ran an air tugger for a few days on a job when I was 19 helping some Pipe Fitters overhaul an old boiler in a Paper Mill.
    The fucker was three stories tall.

  2. Usually the ones i get to work on are much bigger, but I spend at least a couple hours a day inside things. In my younger days i did 297 entries in a single year. Now i'm mostly managing the younger guys and teaching them..... and still fighting with operators who break shit on a regular basis.


  3. Stood on planks so my boots would not melt while rolling tubes in old fire tube boilers.
    Don't miss doing that.