Thursday, August 9, 2018


My fifteen year old puppy left us last spring, my son picked her out when he was two.
I always told him that she thought he belonged to her.....

She always thought so....


  1. We know God loves us..he gave us dogs. M.T.

  2. Wonderful collage of photos.

    Over the years I have always tried to understand why when one of my dogs passes away since we outlive them 5 fold or better, why I get another. For a while I could easily just say its how nature designed dogs, and be somewhat content with that. But as my years go on, I also realize that with another and another, when will they outlive me and what does that do to them?

    I realized it will not matter. I have done my best and been the best with them and in return they have done everything for me as well as a dog can.

    Still, even though I know they will be well taken care of if im gone before them, It kills me im not there for them anymore.

    read a line somewhere online with the statement...

    God held up a handful of ash and blew into it saying "let this be a perfect creature", and out of his hand, ran the dog.

    A bit of feel good wordsmithing, but it still strikes a chord...

    And im OK with that.

    Thanks for the post, it made my day 8-)