Monday, August 20, 2018

99% asshole.....


  1. "I am the 99%".....I wonder how many of those snowflakes there really are out there? In my world I see a few "woke" millenials that are seeing the fallacy of a 4 year degree; and they are going more for the "trades". I try to encourage them, give them grandpa advice and exhort them to save for their retirement.


  2. No she's the 20%, she fucked her life by making poor choices. Society didn't force her to get a degree with zero career prospects.


  3. After 20+ years working as a grocery store butcher I went to tech school. Got an AS degree degree in mechanical design and drafting. I worked full time (plus overtime) thru the 2 years. Graduated debt free. I make twice what I did before. I work with a younger man who got two tech degrees and a b.s. in mechanical engineering without borrowing a dime and without assistance from his parents. It can be done. Make better choices snowflake.High school career advisors suck.

  4. I:
    At 14-Quit high school.
    At 18-Got my GED.
    At 19-Got a job selling parts.
    At 23-Had a kid. Studied at home,passed my ASE tests and got a job changing oil and tires.
    At 24-Got a job as a dealership mechanic.
    At 25-Got promoted to lead technician.
    At 30- Got a job working on construction equipment.
    At 34- Got certified as a fleet manager
    At 35- Got a job managing a multi million dollar fleet of vehicles.
    At 37-Making more money than she ever will teaching Automotive Technology while only working 9 months out of the year. With retirement. With health insurance. With no debt other than a car and a mortgage.

    Not my fault she is a dumb ass.

    Jeremy P.