Monday, June 11, 2018


  1. I still have a set of keys for the '65 Mustang that I sold back in 1974. I came across them in a box of junk a number of years back. I was going to toss them, but the ignition key has the pony on it and I thought I'd keep them since it's pretty cool looking. They haven't made them like that for a long time..........

  2. I have 2 keys for my car in the garage, a 74 Stingray Convertible.

  3. Volvo 363 DL 1978.
    Grat car for a beginner!
    If only the reverse would come loose but no - everytime I put it in I had to fidget for at least thirty minutes to shift into neutral.
    Thus I learned strategic driving - avoiding reverse gear at all costs ��

  4. I have, two keys for my 1964 Austin Healey Sprite, Two keys for my 1983 GMC Caballero, (El Camino) and two keys for my 1989 Full Size Ford Bronco. The Bronco is the newest vehicle I own because I worked on brand new Lincolns/ Mercury's and Fords for ten years back in the 90's and refuse to buy one of the new rolling entertainment centers.

    Oh yeah, all 3 have wing windows too.