Monday, May 14, 2018

Tribute to eyes....or that look....or whatever.....

OK you happy sock toting bastards....

I'm not happy that I am put in the
position of protecting your
self pride like this on a 
regular basis.....

Is there not a more simple way
for you to get cheap thrills?

Maybe head over tho Irish's
and just click the pillow mint?

Angry Mike has got stuff.....

The Curmudgeon has always
got something good going on.....

Hell....Mike over at 90 miles might
have someting to keep you busy.....

But keep dragging my ass
into this chore of protecting
you fragile self esteem....

Rat bastards.....

ENJOY ........


  1. I feel SO much better now.
    You've done your duty; back to your bunk.

  2. Sir, You are quickly becoming my favorite site to visit!

  3. Sir, you are a man of fine and discriminating taste! Thanks.

    That last one has a rockin body, but psycho-chick eyes. I still would, just don't let her know your name, number, address, or plate number. ;)