Thursday, August 22, 2013

McCain Calls For U.S. Military Intervention On Behalf of Islamist Rebels In Syria…

I try to leave the political shit to the masters from my blog roll and try to just post stupid nonsense, but idiots like this make me want to take a weed whipper to a liberals privates...


Sen. John McCain on Thursday said military intervention in Syria could be done “easily” and that President Barack Obama’s word is no longer taken seriously by the Syrian president or elsewhere in the region.
Speaking to CNN’s Kate Boulduan, the Arizona Republican and ranking member of the Armed Services Committee said the United States must stop the use of chemical weapons in Syria and no boots would be on the ground in a potential military intervention.
“There would be no boots on the ground. We would use standoff weapons just as the Israelis have four times as they’ve taken out targets inside Syria,” McCain said. “We would not put a single life at risk.”
McCain said in a “matter of a couple of days” the U.S. military could take out Syrian runways and the aircraft used by Syrian President Bashar Assad which have been dominating the battlefields.
“We can supply the right kind of weapons to rebels and to establish a no-fly zone by moving patriot missiles up to the border. This can be done very easily,” McCain said. “When does the United States, with very little cost stand up for these people and stop this horrific — you can’t look at the pictures without being deeply moved. Are we just going to let that go on?”

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