Monday, April 15, 2013

Liberal Ideology or Liberal Indoctrination?

Throughout the day we are all inundated with a barrage of differing political and ideology thoughts, facts and opinions via the 24/7 news medium.
The political talking pundits will argue what is right, what is wrong and what are the differences of the liberal and conservative ideologies.
One of the readers here at The Doomsday Chronicle sent us a short email that breaks things down into simple terms.
When you read them it becomes clearer than ever at just what a screwed up ideology that the liberals subscribe to.
The Liberal Ideology…
  • Can I choose a large drink? No it is not good for you.
  • Can I choose an incandescent bulb? No it is not good for the environment.
  • Can I choose low cost coal? No it is not good for the planet.
  • Can I choose to honor God? No that’s offensive.
  • Can I choose to eat fast food? No it is unhealthy.
  • Can I choose to own a gun? No, think of the children.
  • What can I choose? An abortion.
When you reread this a few times, you have to wonder. The liberal’s argue that their ideology is all about “Choice..” But when you dissect the simple “Choices” above, they are dictating what we can and cannot eat, posses, or consume as a “Free Society…”
Kind of ironic isn’t it?
Perhaps the liberal zealots of the left, should correctly identify their goals and name their objective accordingly.
The liberals are not presenting and carrying the torch for their “Liberal Ideology.” Make no mistake about it, they are putting their Birkenstock sandal on the throat of society and are imposing a “Liberal Indoctrination…”

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