Tuesday, May 26, 2015

AF2011 Dueller

The ultimate double barrel pistol: the AF2011 Dueller” Prismatic. Built on 5-axis machines only, with a slide stone-honed to razor-edged perfection, this pistol offers maximum performance and terminal ballistic accuracy, thanks to the SUS 416 Stainless Steel barrels with top, external compensators and 45∞ side, ambidextrous Brake Ports. Custom trigger set, magnum, beavertailed grip
safety and G10 tactical grips add to the gun unparalleled control for fast, double shots for target and hunting options.
The AF2011 Dueller” Prismatic is
available in both .45 ACP and .38 Super Auto, while a limited edition, double 10mm Auto will be released later in the year.
The rock-solid Prismatic slide, exactly like a CNC machine, will guide the shooters eye to the target with exacting standard and performance.

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