Sunday, November 17, 2013

OK, I'm going to come out and say what everyone thinks...what a fucking asshole!


  1. Sadly, the stupid bitch, along with most rabid Liberals, thinks she should be Speaker of the House again, too.

  2. Backing up a bit from my previous comment, if we can't have term limits for members of both chambers of congress, could we at least require that they pass semi-annual mental health examinations to keep their jobs?

  3. Dave, that would work if they weren't allowed to choose their doctors. All the politicos and their sycophants in Mordor on the Potomac need to be screened for dementia, anyway.

  4. lol... You are bad mouthing your masters...
    Oh wait you ran away from the plantations like the rest of us... Well, on this Thanksgiving day you celebrate knowing they are plotting to destroy you and your kind... When Wickedmen, degenerates, perverts become gods and control millions of others' food, shelter, medicine, tech and life, well, freedom doesn't mean anything...
    Thanks for Documenting Sodom...
    And happy Thanksgiving on this God's Green Earth... ;-)