Monday, June 17, 2013

Raquel Gibson

Due to complaints I've decided to quit showing the naughty bits....

No seriously...there is no reason to scroll any further...

Is there a reason you are doubting me?

Not a very trusting person are you?

Was it a tramatic childhood  incident that caused you to be like this?

Well, I quess not trusting me has it's upside...


  1. Was it a traumatic childhood incident that caused you to be like this?

    let me explain...

    I am the secret love child of Popeye (the sailor man) and Miss Olive Oyl (the hussy). Just after that little incident in an adult theater, Pee Wee Herman (Aka Paul Reubans) became my special Godfather

  2. Nice intro.......never trusted you one bit, thanks........;-D