Thursday, May 31, 2012

Only in Russia....or maybe San Francisco

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  1. The bottom photo resulted in three calls and a sticky-note all left by Kim Kardashian.

    But you know, the entire series made me a little misty-eyed as it reminded me of an old tradition in our family. Great grand-dad saved his old blow-up doll, Sarah Lee, and on my grand-dad's 16th birthday, handed it down to him. Along with a copy of Swank magazine and a small tube of KY and a vinyl patch repair kit. Then on my Dad's 16th birthday it was passed on to him, with a copy of Hustler, a tube of KY, a patch kit and a roll of duct tape. But by the time my own 16th rolled around, Sarah Lee had been patched up so many times she wouldn't hold air any more, plus there were some troubling stains and spatters of unknown fluids all around her seams. so my Dad just gave me a pin-up of Boy George, a used sock and a jar of Vaseline from the thrift store.
    Between the downward spiraling economy and the changing times, the magic just seems to be gone.