Friday, February 17, 2012

Hollyweird logic explained perfectly by Bill Whittle

Oh and by the way....FUCK YOU George Lucas you can take
your re, re, re, re ,re, release of Star Wars in 3 D and cram
it up your liberal ass!


  1. Well done indeed! And there are still a few pretty good flix in which a man does what a man must do! Before I knew what an anti-gun prick Stallone was, I saw the final 'Rambo' - and it was pretty well done, even to the impressive views of nasty fellows being hit by .50 cal fire.
    Jason Statham was good in 'The Mechanic', and although the movie was vile, nasty and totally unacceptable for family fare, the uber-bloody "Shoot em Up" was tons of fun!

    Maybe Lucas' next effort will have Matt Damon bravely undergoing a sex-change operation to show the bigots that you can still be a real man without your genitalia. They could have Barney Frank and Reggie Love co-produce.

    1. I am waiting for this weekend for Act of Valor, that looks like an actual hero movie.

  2. yes, triple thumbs up for Act of Valor