Friday, December 2, 2011

Obama: "Since I've Taken Office, I've Cut Your Taxes"

President Obama explains why he's "going to give" Congress "another chance" to pass measures in his jobs bill.

Obama also claims that he is the tax-cutter in the race.

"I know you hear a lot of folks on cable TV claiming that I am this 'big tax and spend liberal.' Next time you hear that, you just remind the people who are saying it that since I've taken office, I've cut your taxes. Your taxes -- your taxes today, the average middle class family, your taxes today are lower than when I took office. Just remember that. We have cut taxes for small businesses, not once, not twice, but 17 times. The average family's tax burden is among the lowest it's been in the last 60 years. So the problem is not that we've been raising taxes. We've been trying to give families a break during these tough times," Obama said at a campaign event in Scranton, Penn.

I am at a loss for a smart ass comment on that one......

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