Tuesday, December 20, 2011



  1. after seeing that picture, I'm adding her to my christmas list.

    Dear Santa, please go to the blog pitsnipesgripes and scroll down to the december 20th post entitled "knockers". I have been a good boy all year and I wish to be naughty for just one day. Can you please make sure that the real life girl in the picture is under the my tree? My tree will be located at the Sheraton in Portsmouth NH, Rm 502. I will leave 3000.00 cash in an envelope on the end table.



  2. Dear little Johnny

    It seems that every few years you ask for the same thing. At ten you asked for Mary Ann from that Gilligans Island show, at thirteen you asked for Farrah Fawcett ( thank you for the poster you sent of her, you do not want to know what the elves would do with it! ) at fifteen you asked for that chubby chick from that Facts of Life show ( never did figure that one out ).
    The 80's were filled with requests for " big haired heavy metal chicks ", in the 90's the requests saw the " Hoe's & Bitches " becoming more bizzare as they progressed. After 2000 you started to worry me with your requests for a girl called " Barb Wire ", and now you expect me to rustle up another order of tail for you, seeing all of the good deeds you have done lately I guess we can overlook that incident you had with that stripper and the chocolate syrup last summer.

    Yours truely


    PS. Please stop addressing you letters to me as " Pimp Daddy Claus " as it is making the wife ask way too many questions.

  3. Thanks Santa .. my life is complete. :D

  4. Does "complete" mean I can ignore the request for the "Hooters girls and a large jar of pickles and a pitching wedge" request?

  5. Who is she...we want names!!lol