Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jimmy Carter’s Rally For Liberal Baptists Fails Miserably: Hoped 30K Would Attend, Only 250 Show Up For Event…

Hoping to excite liberal Baptists with leftist political activism and resentment over the “strident” i.e. “conservative” Southern Baptist Convention, Jimmy Carter hosted a New Baptist Covenant II (NBCII) jamboree in Atlanta in November, with satellite meetings across the nation.
Only about 250 people showed up on each of several days of NBCII at Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church in Atlanta, according to Associated Baptist Press. “We had hoped for a larger attendance,” admitted one organizer.
The first New Baptist Covenant gathering had attracted over 15,000 in 2008. Organizers of NBCII reportedly hoped more than 30,000 would participate nationwide this time.

Just like all of those substandard, not up to code " homes " you force built peanut boy......

You reap what you sow...........

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