Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A rough night...

In the past hour I have read more bullshit  than I can stand about America being over, that our best days are behind us.

I have a question to any and all who stop by my humble blog.

Is that it, time to roll over and submit? Time to let liberals claim they won this because America wants what they are forcing apon it?

I for one will not give up.

It is time we hammer them twice as hard, keep them on the run.

I refuse to look in the mirror and see a timid man not worthy of the gifts so many died to bless me with.


  1. You are right and I, or my friends will not give up either. One step at a time. I will not live long enough to see it, but my Grandson will. That's what is important - his liberty.

    Phyllis (N/W Jersey)

  2. Rough night indeed. Time for air, then back to the fight.

  3. I do believe it is a losing battle, does that mean I will submit? No. The only hope as I see it is after Obama is completly done destroying this country that people will finally wake up. Thats what its going to take. We are going to have to hit rock bottom as a country and even then there will be those enemies within the wire. The question is, after all that, will we be able to rise again? Stay tuned.

  4. Math does not lie and it does not care about touchy feely liberal beliefs.
    Math dictates that debt cannot acrue forever and the system MUST collapse
    if things are not changed. Whether or not Mitt would have or could have
    ended then tax/spend imbalance that guarantees is unknown.

    We do know however that O will not address the debt problem and will in fact
    accelerate the debt acrual. That fact guarantees America's collapse. Mitt may or
    may not have altered that outcome, Obama's policy insures a collapse must happen.

    Math doesn't lie and doesn't care about fair, nice or any other fuzzy feely socialist BS.

  5. No, this is the time to get back up and continue the fight. We need to prepare for disaster. Stockpile food, water, ammo, generators, fuel and other supplies, of course. Don't be eager to initiate violence; you're no good to your own people when you're dead.

    However, we also need to build a network of trusted friends and family, people who can rely on each other in hard times. I'm of the opinion that a selfish lack of connection with and appreciation of other people has led to our current problems. Greece's situation may provide insight into what awaits the U.S. Their gov't has run out of "other people's money". We're just a step behind.

    Y'all take care.