Monday, August 26, 2013

Long overdue dose of yellow fever

Time for me to test how far I can make you scroll for the
naughty bits...
Kind of a Pavlov thing I got going on here....
I just replaced the ringing of a bell with boobies...
There is also a trust issue involved...
How can you be sure that you aren't about to stumble
on something that can't be unseen?
I would not do anything like that...right?
 you wondering now
Just messing wit cha...


  1. You do enjoy your petty tortures. ;-)

  2. While not into the Asian thing, I do appreciate nice boobies. The addition of fur is just a plus.

  3. None here that I'd ever have sex with...... Which is too bad, because there are a couple of them I'd really like to have sex with.