Sunday, October 9, 2011

NPR prepares for a new reality

Politico The last time NPR hired a CEO, it poached her from The New Tork Times. This time, it looked to the makers of “Sesame Street.”
By selecting someone with virtually no newsroom experience but a long history of both defending the federal funding of public media and raising money, NPR signaled that the battle ahead will not be about journalism, but about survival.

The contrast between the résumés of Vivian Schiller, who resigned in a political firestorm in March, and Gary Knell, chosen last week to take her place, speaks volumes about the fight over its financial future that NPR believes it has on its hands.

Our position “has been that we have an important story to tell members of Congress and the American people about just how valuable our programming is,” said Dave Edwards, chairman of NPR’s board. “That’s the primary mission for the board. That’s the primary mission for Gary Knell, to tell that story. But along the way, you have to plan for all sorts of eventualities.”

Hey Davie, how about you plan for the eventuality of having to earn your funding
in a free market....oh wait.....never mind

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