Saturday, October 1, 2011

Democratic Strategist Calls Herman Cain ‘Racist, Bigoted‘ for Saying Blacks Have Been ’Brainwashed’

The Blaze Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher said GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain is “racist” and “bigoted” for his comment this week that African Americans have been “brainwashed” to not accept conservatism.
Belcher, a pollster for President Barack Obama, told CNN‘s Anderson Cooper that Cain’s remarks exposed a “double standard” and should be a “teachable moment.”
“What Herman Cain said was a racist, bigoted statement and it should treated like a racist and bigoted person who makes those racist and bigoted statements,” Belcher said.
He added, “If I came on your show, Anderson, and I said, all Jewish people are brainwashed, I probably wouldn‘t be invited back to CNN and I assure you the condemnation would be swift and it’d be powerful and be strong.”

He has my vote for ass maggot of the week.

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