Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Black and White

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  1. Great photos. #2 reminds me of the old T-33's, except it doesn't have the wing-tip tanks. When my father flew for Sperry Rand's Engineering Test Flight Division, Sperry had a contract to work with Ratheon, testing one of their missile warhead proximity systems. It was mounted in the nose of the jet Ratheon was flying (don't recall what aircraft), and my dad flew a T-33 Sperry owned. They had to pass within 50 feet of each other to trigger the proximity circuit in the warhead. Flying in various directions relative to the other aircraft, but also at times head-on to each other. He claimed it was exciting, especially when he had to keep repeating, "I'm top, I'm top." Although a former bomber pilot, he really enjoyed flying a light fighter-trainer. The very last photo looks more like the T-33's I've seen.

    Haven't seen a photo of the B-58 Hustler in a long time. Did a Revelle model of one as a kid. I've never even seen photos of #4 and #13. What aircraft are those?

    #12 looks like a B-36, but the version I'm aware of had four jet engines mounted outboard of the props in two pods, each containing two engines. Always seemed strange to see jet engines and props on the same aircraft.

    I think I already mentioned what my dad thought of the B-47. He was really glad when they transitioned into the B-52's.

    #18 looks like one version of the YB-35, flying above the B-17G.

    #19, the large bi-plane seaplane is one I'd like to find out more about, since I've never seen that one before.

    #21 looks like a bi-plane attached under a dirigible, getting ready to release. I imagine you needed some balls to be willing to climb down into the cockpit at altitude ;-) I'd never seen a Curtis Sparrowhawk before, had to look up the Macon to ID it.

    Thanks a bunch for posting these.