Saturday, February 21, 2015

Olivia Wilde

Since it's Saturday night I think we can dispense 
with a long drawn out insult filled buffer...

Sure Skippy, you think that I'm going
to make it that easy?

Since I work so hard on this I think
I deserve the chance to blow off a
little steam......

Do you know how many sites I had to
sift thru to find these just so you

Or how much alcohol I have to force myself to
drink just to lessen the strain?

It's always been about you hasn't it?

Just messing with ya, enjoy you pack of
meat puppets....

The last two are probably fakes but who gives a damn?


  1. I am sorry you had to drink booze to satisfy my perversions - NOT

  2. Jason Sudeikis is one hellluva lucky mother fucker!

  3. You are very funny. I recently discovered your site and have went through all of your archives. Great stuff. Too bad you can't post more often.

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