Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sexting abbreviations

SOMPEM: Spooged On My Phone, Electrocuted Myself

CWTTBYWYESW: Can’t wait to teabag you while you eat shredded wheat

TRMOMM: This reminds me of my mom

WOSWIGAPR: Wait one second while I grab a pork roast

BYGMSD: Baby, you give me sexual diarrhea

IWBYLARWAOLBM: I wanna bang you like a robot with an overlubed banging mechanism

SILMGSABC: Suck it like my grandpa sucking a butterscotch candy

BMWTIATMIDY: Beat me with the iron and tell me I disappoint you

MSIEUS: Make sure I end up stanky

THETT: To the elbow this time

AHYCFWD: Any hole you can find will do

HBNTHIHIBS: Hard but not too hard, I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome

MMFLABS: Make me feel like a Boy Scout

IIDCYDIW: if I don’t cry you’re doing it wrong

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