Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Parents demand teachers supporting molester colleague get fired

Imagine you are a parent who receives a visit from the state police, informing you that a trusted teacher at the local school molested your child — and took pictures of it.  After a painful investigation and trial, the teacher finally gets convicted, and you figure the community will rally around you to demand a stiff sentence for the man who violated the public trust.  However, when you arrive at the courtroom, you see several other teachers sitting in support of the teacher, and arguing
for the lightest possible sentence.

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Time for frontier justice


  1. One o the letters said it was his "one" mistake. Yeah, the one he got caught for. How many other kids did this scumbag screw up in his 17 years there.

    Of course if it was my kid, he would have had a accident before he ever got to court. He might even commit suicide. It's always good to have a couple of guns around with no paper trail.