Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rule five short list

Gatordoug  has a great post on Vanessa Minnillo

Hooker of the week  pretty much describes it

Angrymike  has some fine examples of the female form

Kickin' and Screamin'  has some serious posterior action

Doubletroubletwo  has a collection of hogans on steroids

Theo Spark  has his usual awesomeness

Orbitup  Has a post about the kitchen or something, I never noticed a sink or stove...

Irish  shows his great taste in babes

Diogene  flashes some fishnet

The Camp of the Saints  rule five goodness

Proof Positive  friday night babe, uber hottie Alyssa Malano

MissK  hump day eye relief

Soylent Green  has too many to list, just jump your ass over and take a look

Randys Roundtable  tart's it up


  1. Thanks for the mention... nice to be in such great company.. ;)

  2. Yeah, thanks for the link!

    BTW I don't think you saw the present I gave to you.

    1. I saw it a couple of days ago, thats one I'm sure tot not return...

  3. Nice lineup, thanks for the mention .........;)